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Kristine Chestnut

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Having been adopted herself at the age of 11, Kristine understands the meaning of home more than most young people her age. In her early childhood, home had such a different meaning to her than now. Kristine grew up in a small trailer in Seymour, IN. She spent most of her early childhood flipping through catalogs, rearranging what furniture she had, and dreaming of pops of color in her small bedroom. When she was younger she never associated the words, “safe”, “inviting”, “warm”, or “welcoming” with home.

Shortly after moving into her now, parents home, she began believing that home can be just that, a safe, warm and welcoming place. She says that her pivotal moment of realizing that she loved designing was at 17 when her parents built a new home. She recalls her mom letting her pick out whatever she wanted for her bedroom, as well as the paint color for her bathroom and bedroom. “This was the moment that I felt like I could design anything.”

Since then she has used her skills helping friends and family. As well as her clients here at Luxe. Kristine’s passion is to help her clients make their home feel safe. Their refuge. “At the end of the day, no matter what happens throughout the day, you go home. You leave your worries at the door, and step into a beautifully designed space. An overwhelming feeling washes over you and you feel at peace. That is the feeling I strive for each of my clients to feel, when I design any space in their home.”

Kristine is young and hopes to bring in new and fresh inspiration into the design world.

Kristine lives in Westfield with her amazing and supportive fiancé Steven. When she is not at the shop designing, you can find her reading her favorite Nicholas Sparks books, going on spontaneous trips with her girlfriends, or planning her October wedding.


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